1984 research paper assignment

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1984 research paper assignment

Research paper assignment

Orwell indirectly proposes that power given to the government will ultimately become corrupt and they will attempt to force all to conform to their one set standard. He also sets forth the idea that the corrupted government will attempt to destroy any and all mental and physical opposition to their beliefs, thus eliminating any opportunity for achieving an utopian society.

1984 research paper assignment

The novel shows how the government attempts to control the minds and bodies of it citizens, such as Winston Smith who does not subscribe to their beliefs, through a variety of methods.

The first obvious example arises with the large posters with the caption of "Big Brother is Watching You" page 5. These are the first pieces of evidence that the government is watching over its people.

Shortly afterwards we learn of the "Thought Police", who "snoop in on conversations, always watching your every move, controlling the minds and thoughts of the people. To the corrupted government, physical control is not good enough, however.

1984 research paper assignment

The only way to completely eliminate physical opposition is to first eliminate any mental opposition. The government is trying to control our minds, as it says "thought crime does not entail death; thought crime is death. Later in the novel the government tries even more drastic methods of control.

The government is lying about production figures pages He then essentially vanishes as though he had never truly existed page In the novel, Winston Smith talks about the people not being human.

He says that "the only thing that can keep you human is to not allow the government to get inside you. The corruption is not the only issue which Orwell presents, both directly and indirectly. He warns that absolute power in the hands of any government can lead to the deprival of basic freedoms and liberties for the people.

When government lies become truths, and nobody will oppose, anything can simply become a fact. Through the control of the mind and body the government attempts, any hopes of achieving an utopian society are dashed.

The government tells them how to think. Conformity and this unilateral thinking throughout the entire population can have disastrous results. Orwell also tells us it has become a "world of monstrous machines and terrifying weapons. Warriors fighting, triumphing, persecuting George Orwell was born in India and brought up with the British upper class beliefs of superiority over the lower castes and in general class pride.

A theme very prevalent in his novels, Nineteen Eighty-Four certainly no exception, is this separation in the classes. The masses are disregarded by the Party.

This is a theme which is "fundamental to the novel, but not demonstrated as fully as the devastation of language and the elimination of the past.

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Kazin also states in his essay that: Because he was from the upper middle class and knew from his own prejudices just how unreal the lower classes can be to upper-class radicals, a central theme in all his work is the separateness and loneliness of the upper-class observer, like his beloved Swift among the oppressed Irish.

This feeling of superiority somewhat provokes and leads to the aforementioned corruption of absolute power.Shipping Act Competition Issues in Liner Shipping - United States (Research Paper Sample) Instructions: The Research Paper is to be on a subject of interest to you in Transportation / Distribution.

The paper is to be at least 5 pages (double spaced) not including the title page and references page. and Contemporary America Essay Dissertation Research Help Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Write a paper of ten or more pages discussing an aspect of the life Winston experienced in which has a parallel in contemporary, post 9/11/ American life.

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