Drug testing for welfare recipients essay writer

How to Write a Summary of an Article? New screening processes, often considered a direct violation of constitutional rights, have already been enacted in many states. Strong evidence exists, asserting that the practice of administering drug testing to welfare recipients will cost the U.

Drug testing for welfare recipients essay writer

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Families are kept together, children are healthier and often times, recipients are able to use the welfare to help them as they find a new job.

Yet every system has its flaws, and many argue that tax payer dollars are being wasted. I believe that recipients of welfare should submit to mandatory drug testing. Welfare recipients accept millions of American dollars in aid every year. It would only be fair for them to be tested to ensure the assistance is dispersed properly.

Also, many places of employment practice random drug testing. If it happens in the workforce, why would it be unfair for welfare recipients? The biggest positive of this program is that it would deter recipients from purchasing and using illegal drugs.

It could also keep children and society in general, safer. It could help social workers know when children are around drug abuse, and thus prevent further abuse in families.

drug testing for welfare recipients essay writer

It could help lower the demand for illegal drugs on the streets. It could possibly even save the system some money, as those who are on drugs would not receive welfare. Also, it could create new jobs for people to oversee the drug testing. A few of the reasons other people do not think we as a country should require a recipient of welfare and assistance from the government are its unconstitutional, children will bear the blunt, and drug addiction is a disease.

Children could bear the burden because if their parents fail a required drug test the children would not be able to get that food that feeds them, that money which goes to diapers or clothes.

Also, drug addiction is a disease denying access to public benefits is especially devastating for people who have sought help for their addiction but must wait for several months for a spot to open up in a state treatment facility.

While all those arguments against this law are very good points, in order to receive welfare you should be able to pass a drug test. Drug addiction is a disease, anyone who seeks help should be granted the opportunity.

This will cause a tax increase, but it will create thousands of more jobs would help stimulate the economy.

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Laws have been deemed unconstitutional in some states that required a mandatory drug test for government assistance that I will not argue. How can the government require its employees to pass a mandatory drug test, when we have people living and being assisted by the government that do not have to submit a drug test?

More essays like this:Drug testing welfare recipients is a program that has been in place in some parts of the United States of America for the last three years. The program aims at ensuring that every person who benefits from welfare programs is not a drug addict and does not use the assistance provided by the government to continue their illegal activities.

Drug testing welfare recipients will result in many Americans “kicking” their drug habits in which will eventually lead to job ready citizens. Drug testing people on welfare is not to cause hardship, but to help create better citizens. If the government started requiring drug testing for welfare recipients, analysts say that the savings in one year would be approximately be nine million dollars (Delaney 1).

Many people feel that by drug testing welfare recipients, this is stereotyping, saying that all poor people, or the needy, are on drugs, but by no means is that the case.

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On that note, drug testing for welfare recipients can be a very negative or very positive addition to the application process.

For most, it is a positive. It can be used to weed out the minority of people who take advantage of the system, so the assistance can be given to those who really need it. Essay about Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Words | 7 Pages.

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients: Unconstitutional “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed” is a saying that many people have heard throughout life. This saying was brought about to encourage people to ask for help if needed.

Drug Testing for Welfare Essay Sample. Since its creation in , America’s food stamp program has helped families in need. Other welfare programs, such as TANF and WIC, have truly made a difference in the lives of American families.

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