Future growth of seed market in

The market is driven by factors such as necessity to increase food production, increasing acceptance and area under cultivation of GM crops, and change in science and technology advancements. The high growth potential in emerging markets and untapped regions provide new growth opportunities for the market players. As consumer demands and expectations from the food industry continue to evolve, the opportunities for conventional seed is also increasing. North America dominated the conventional seed market in

Future growth of seed market in

Abstract Global Seed Market: Overview Seeds for flowers, vegetables and fruits are produced by the seed companies and sold to amateur farmers. Commercial seeds and genetically modified seeds are the two major types of seeds available in the global seed market.

Seed Market worth Billion USD by

Genetically modified seeds are seeds with the better genetic material, have better resistance to diseases, pests, and provides a better yield. The main aim of the seed market is to satisfy needs of the farmers, supply improved variety of seeds and provide the best quality of seeds at affordable prices.

Increasing population and growing technological advancements are fueling the growth of the seed market. Segmentation The global seed market is segmented into its type, seed treatment, crop type and geography. On the basis of type, the global market is divided into conventional or commercial seeds and genetically modified seeds.

Commercial seeds include maize, soybean, vegetables, cereals, cotton, rice, canola, sunflower and sugar beet and genetically modified seeds include maize, soybean, cotton and canola. On the basis of seed treatment, the global seed market is segregated into treated and untreated seeds.

Based on crop type, the global market is classified into oilseeds, fruits and vegetables and cereals and grains. Growth Factors The global seed market is growing at a significant pace.

Future growth of seed market in

A major factor influencing this growth is the need to increase agricultural production owing to the rising population. Another key factor boosting the growth is the use of bio-fuels. Use of corn for biofuels is expected to drive the market in the future.

Seed Market worth Billion USD by

Also, increasing demand for maize and soybean as fodder feed is increasing the demand in the seed market.

There is an immense scope of growth in the genetically modified seed area owing to the advancements made in technology. There is a high growth potential in untapped regions and emerging markets, which provide new growth opportunities for the global seed market.

However, certain factors that restraining the growth of the seed market include protection provided by patent laws to genetically modified seeds making entry of new companies into the market difficult, safety hazards associated with the consumption of genetically modified seeds and stringent government rules on consumption of crops which are genetically modified.

Regional Analysis North America is the leading region in the seed market globally. Genetically modified seeds are expected to be the leading segment in North America, which is contributing towards the growth of this region.

Extensive growth is predicted from the Asia Pacific region owing to the high consumption rate of commercial seeds in this region.

Future growth of seed market in

In addition, other factors influencing the growth in Asia-Pacific are growing population and support provided by the government and national and international associations to increase agricultural production. Competitive Players Some of the major companies in the global seed market are Monsanto Co.

Regional Segment Analysis North America.The seed market in Vietnam has witnessed a growth in the recent years on account of rising demand for seeds especially rice and corn in domestic and international seed markets, fueled by growing participation of foreign players in the Vietnam seed rake.

The market revenue has grown at . Ken Research announced its latest publication on “India Seed Market Outlook to FY’ – Rapid Hybridization and Increased Government Support to Foster Future Growth” which provides a comprehensive analysis of the seeds market in India.

The report covers various aspects such as market size of India seed market, segmentation on the basis. Sismondo believes Ukraine’s central location—close to Russia, Belarus and other former Soviet republics in Central Asia—bodes well for the future growth of the country’s seed market. That and other factors such as the switch to more modern genetics and more hybrid crops are making Ukraine more attractive to seed companies, he says.

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