How to write a lifestyle magazine article

Too many writers begin their publishing journey the wrong way. They try to start big.

How to write a lifestyle magazine article

Spotlight interview article Interview a student or a group and write an article about them. The best place to start for your spotlight interview is by first choosing a student, group, or other person to interview.

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If anything significant has happened at your school recently, it can be a good idea to contact the people or group involved.

You can then interview them to shine some light on the recent events. Keep in mind that the topic may influence how your article is received.

Some things may be controversial and will therefore receive a varying and unpredictable responses from certain groups of people. If nothing of not has happened recently, you may choose to interview popular students, interesting teachers or faculty, or people you know that have outspoken opinions on certain topics.

The important thing is to choose people that will have a lot to say when you ask them questions, so you will have enough information to write about.

Sports teams The most popular or best loved teams may be your go to for this article, but consider the lesser known teams as well. These may make for interesting articles because not many people know about the sport or have gotten to know the teams yet.

When did you start practicing the sport and why? What is your favorite part about the sport your practice? Do you have any advice or tips for people that are interested in getting started?

Do you have any heroes that practice the same sport? And if not, do you have any other heroes not related to the sport that inspire you? If so, what makes them your hero? School clubs While the chess club, mathletes and AV club any stranger things fans?

Look into what clubs are available at your school. You may even consider writing about some clubs that have few or no members. The best person to ask about this is usually the organizer of the club. In some cases it can also be a good idea to ask a member of the club, because people who are passionate about their hobby have the most to say and will provide a lot of information for you to write about.

how to write a lifestyle magazine article

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how to write a lifestyle magazine article
The Basics of Magazine Article Writing