Problems facing prisons in england and

England and Wales have the highest number of people in prison within Western Europe, with perof the population being imprisoned in Walmsley The fact that prisons are heavily overcrowded has meant that several debilitating factors have occurred, such as two people being held in a cell which is designed for one, leading to them having to use unscreened toilets, which in turn means that they lose even the most basic of human dignity.

Problems facing prisons in england and

But the system — beset with the chronic under-staffing of prison officers, spiralling violence, drug abuse, over-crowding, self-harming, suicides and high-profile prisoner escapes, amongst a host of problems — is facing what could be termed an existential crisis. Assaults on prison staff are now averaging 16 a day, a 38 per cent increase on last year.

Prisoner-on-prisoner violence has increased, the number of prisoners committing suicide has increased. Drugs, the use of mobile phones and other illegal activities are all spiralling out of control. In we had 40, prisoners in England and Wales and 23, prison staff.

Problems Facing Prisons in England and Wales -

Jails in Scotland and Northern Ireland are run by their respective devolved governments. Under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act strikes by key public sector workers — such as prison officers, police and nurses — are deemed illegal. Whatever the dialectics of the ongoing dispute, the POA action has forced the government back to the negotiating table.

Problems facing prisons in england and

And regarding possible future industrial action, he warned: According to a report by the highly-respected Howard League for Penal Reform, people have committed suicide in prisons in England and Wales so far this year — an all-time record. No one should be so desperate while in the care of the state that they take their own life.

And yet every three days a family is told that a loved one has died behind bars. That is why we have invested in specialist mental health training for prison officers, allocated more funding for prison safety and have launched a suicide and self-harm reduction project to address the increase in self-inflicted deaths and self-harm in our prisons.

This predilection for incarceration is highlighted by the number of prisoners perhead of population, numbering almost in Britain — compared with for France and just over 81 in Germany.

Facing a barrage of criticism, on 3 November this year the Ministry of Justice published a new White Paper, outlining an ambitious prison safety and reform programme.

Problems facing prisons in england and

It fails to rehabilitate or make sure criminals are prevented from offending again. Currently, nearly half of adult prisoners are reconvicted within one year of release.

We will take immediate action to address threats to prison security and change the culture of our prisons. Prison governors are to be given more powers over their budgets to spend on education, work and health. No-fly zones for drones will be imposed around jails. Drug testing on entry and exit from penal institutions is to be made mandatory.The other problems facing those organizing prison health services in England and Wales still remain: ignorance and prejudice in public perceptions of prisoners, the continuing struggle for adequate resources, and the underlying problem of overcrowding.

“The prison system in England and Wales is in meltdown,” Steve Gillan, general secretary of the Professional Trades Union for Prison, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers, also known as the Prison Officers’ Association (or POA), told Equal Times.

Problems facing Prisons in England and Wales Figures from the Howard League for Penal Reform state that there are currently over 80, people in prison in England and Wales today.

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The prison population has been rising steadily since , increasing from 42, to today's unprecedented levels. The Problems and Solutions of Overcrowding in Modern Cities Now In the world there are many cities which are facing overcrowding, such as London, Tokyo, .

Problems Facing Prisons in England and Wales Problems facing Prisons in England and Wales Figures from the Howard League for Penal Reform state that there are currently over 80, people in prison in England and Wales today.

Prisoners with serious mental health problems face urgent treatment delays Almost three-quarters of prisoners in England faced delays being transferred to a mental health unit, according to.

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