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With more per capita national reserves than any other country in the world, Dominica is famous for its ecotourism opportunities. Its unspoiled beauty, rich history, sparse crowds and good quality hotels have made it the perfect place for nature lovers, honeymooners and adventure film shoots. The other industries include making soap, furniture, cement blocks and shoes. One of the biggest mainstays of the Dominican economy is the offshore medical school called Ross University, which is in the town of Portsmouth — it has more than 1, foreign students, mainly from the U.

Splendour in the grass marketing

Prehistoric Era[ edit ] Hainan was originally attached to the Northeastern part of what is now Vietnam ; however, the island was formed after it physically broke away from Vietnam due to volcano eruption and drifted southeast near China after the Mesozoicmillions of years ago.

In 46 BC the Han court decided that the conquest was too expensive and abandoned the island. Around that time, Han Chinese people together with military personnel and officials began to migrate to Hainan Island from the mainland.

Among them were the offspring of those who Splendour in the grass marketing banished to Hainan for political reasons. Li people Hlai people are the original Kra-Dai inhabitants of Hainan.

They are believed to be the descendants of the ancient tribes from the mainland, who settled on the island between 7 and 27 thousand years ago. Under the Mongol Empire — the island became an independent province then in was placed under the administration of Guangdong by the ruling Ming dynasty.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, large numbers of Han people from Fujian and Guangdong began migrating to Hainan, pushing the Li into the highlands in the southern half of the island.

Splendour in the grass marketing

In the eighteenth century, the Li rebelled against the Qing Empirewhich responded by bringing in mercenaries from the Miao regions of Guizhou. Many of the Miao settled on the island and their descendants live in the western highlands to this day. During the 17th and 18th centuries, explorers referred to the island as "Aynam", [9] [10] which remains the pronunciation of its name in the local Hainanese dialect.

Inthe revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen proposed that Hainan should become a separate province although this did not happen until Hainanese residents in the countryside During the s and 30s, Hainan was a hotbed of Communist activity, especially after a bloody crackdown in Shanghaithe Republic of China in drove many Communists into hiding.

The Communists and the indigenous Hlai people fought a vigorous guerrilla campaign against the Imperial Japanese occupation, the Hainan Island Operation —45but in retaliation the Japanese launched numerous massacres against Li villages.

Feng Baiju led the Hainan Independent Column of fighters throughout the s and s. After the Japanese surrender inthe Kuomintang reestablished control.

Splendour in the grass marketing

Hainan was one of the last areas of the Chinese mainland controlled by Nationalist forces: Feng Baiju and his column of guerrilla fighters played an essential role in scouting for the landing operation and coordinated their own offensive from their jungle bases on the island.

This allowed the Hainan takeover to be successful where the Jinmen and Dengbu assaults had failed in the previous fall. The takeover was made possible by the presence of a local guerrilla force that was lacking also on Taiwan.

Hence, while many observers of the Chinese civil war thought that the fall of Hainan Island to the Communists would be followed shortly by the fall of Taiwan Island, the lack of any communist guerrilla force on Taiwan Island and its sheer distance from the mainland made this impossible, as did the arrival of the US 7th fleet in the Taiwan Strait after the outbreak of the Korean War in June.

The capital city of Haikoualthough highly populated relative to many other international cities, is geographically quite small, with almost no urban sprawl.

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Much of the city limits end abruptly with forest or farm land. The Communists resumed development of the island along the lines established by the Japanesebut the results were limited by the island's isolation, its humid and typhoon -prone climate, and its continuing reputation as a place of danger and exile by mainland Chinese.

With China's shift in economic policy at the end of the s, Hainan became a focus of attention. During the mids, when Hainan Island was still part of Guangdong Province, a fourteen-month episode of marketing zeal by Hainan Special District Administrator Lei Yu [11] put Hainan's pursuit of provincial status under a cloud.

By comparison, only 10, vehicles were imported into Hainan since In addition, it involved further consignments of 2. The money was taken from the central government funds destined for the construction of the island's transportation infrastructure roads, railways, airports, harbours over the next ten years.

Inwhen the island was made a separate province, it was designated a Special Economic Zone in an effort to increase investment. The central government funds were deemed insufficient by the Hainan authorities for the construction of the island's other infrastructures water works, power stations, telecommunications, etc.

Some of the proceeds, from unsold units, were later retrieved by the central government to re-finance the special district. Hainan, separated by the Qiongzhou Strait from the Leizhou Peninsula of Guangdongis the largest island administered by the People's Republic of China.

To the west of Hainan Island is the Gulf of Tonkin. The northern half of Hainan is covered with the ancient Hainan Volcanic Field.> Splendour in the Grass – Marketing Mix Sample Splendour in the Grass – Marketing Mix - Essay Example The target market can be identified using four deferent types of variables: * Demographic ; Geographic * Cryptographic * Behavioral In the case of Splendor In the Grass, they could use a mixture of these to create heir target audience.

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This post has a collection of 25 websites designed using CSS to inspire you. Do click on the source links to check fully functional websites. Splendour in the Grass Introduction Splendour in the Grass is an annual Australian music festival.

In , Splendour in the Grass started as a one day event held at Belongil Fields in Byron Bay, NSW and soon evolved into a three day event. There is so much to discover in Brisbane. As the capital of the Sunshine State we are blessed with idyllic subtropical weather all year round.


With award-winning food and wine, a jam-packed events calendar, adventurous activities, scenic weekend getaways and plenty to explore all over the city, there's always something to do. Let’s focus on the logic. The food on your plate three times a day requires resources from our beautiful planet in the form of land, energy, water (and more!).

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