Who is your role model essay

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Who is your role model essay

Frequently asked questions about the This I Believe project, educational opportunities and more Murrow's radio series of the s.

It's perfect for personal or classroom use! Click here to learn more. I feel the first people children should look up to as role models are their parents, in particular daughters to their mothers.

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Role models to me are stoic, compassionate, and committed. My role models are: Eddie George, former football player, Hillary Clinton, and my grandmother. I believe in positive change in order for my daughter Kamori to want to look at me as a role model. When I became a mother four years ago, I took the following Who is your role model essay to improve my chances to become a role model.

Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to go to college. When I had a child I would want her to attend college too. I believe a college education is the gateway for what life can offer. How can one become a working adult without a college education or learning a trade for many years?

Well they can try but I doubt one can go further without extensive knowledge. For example, when I worked for Superior Market, I thought I was qualified enough to work the cash register. Therefore if I would have had previous experience, I would have gotten the job.

In this generation, it is vital for me to have a college education. I feel I have to make a financially successful career for myself to support my family.

The example I want to make for Kamori is that education is important to have because some are not fortunate to receive an education.

Who is your role model essay

I want her to have aspirations to be anything her heart desires to become. Mostly as a child I was a timid child. Friends were hard to keep because of my inability to express myself.

To make myself feel secure, I would befriend males and females who I know were malevolent people that would talk about how a person looks, and then engage in friendly conversation so cunningly. After awhile I felt like they were asking me to choose, either I go out or stay at home with my daughter.

Of course I choose my daughter and the months passed by and slowly I lost touch with my friends. Eventually I realized that I was better off without them. Also, Kamori likes to dance and has the ability to become a ballerina if she chooses to. Mostly she likes me to sing songs with her or to her, and I try to learn the songs she sings at school to keep up with her activates.

We watch her favorite shows like Dora the Explorer, Barney, and Lazy Town sometimes pulling me by the hand to come and watch television with her. Unlike me I had a mother who was too busy stressing out about her issues rather then spend quality time with her only child.

I did not grow up with confidence that I had the support of my mother.

Who is your role model essay

Overall, I look forward to Kamori admiring me as a person because I only want the best for her. I consider myself a person who wants to create positive change. I want to remind my daughter that if she works hard that she can become anything, from a world class dancer to a college professor.

Good children come from good hard working parents. I have confidence that greatness comes from hard work and establishing a solid dream. Hopefully when Kamori gets older, she can appreciate having a person like me for her mother and maybe when she has children that I will inspire her to become a role model to her children in the future.

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I feel the first people children should look up to as role models are their parents, in particular daughters to their benjaminpohle.com://benjaminpohle.com Read this essay on My Role Model in Life.. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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Only at benjaminpohle.com". We're describing the most important functions of a teacher to help you write better essays on teacher role in personal development. A teacher as a role model. Like it or not, kids follow in the steps of their teachers, especially at an early age.

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Essay Writing Service UK Essay Writing in Canada Essay Writing Australia Facharbeit. To illustrate your main point and to make your essay memorable you need to provide examples. Just remember that your essay needs to be about you so fi nd examples from your role model and then try to connect them back to you.

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how to get phd thesis online; write a research project; A Role Model Essay benjaminpohle.com Choose a person who has made a difference in your life, or a person you look up to, and explain why this person is your role model.

A role model is a person you admire and would like to emulate.

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